Vol 2, No 47 (2020)

Communication in COVID-19 Crisis

Table of Contents

Table of Contents PDF


Introduction PDF
Emiliana de Blasio, Patricia Coll-Rubio 7-10
Recurrent Narratives Around the COVID-19 Crisis in Social Networks: A Case Study Analysis on Facebook PDF
Venetia Papa, Theodora A. Maniou 11-28
Governmental Communication and Brand Advertising During the COVID-19 Pandemic PDF
Álvaro Jiménez-Sánchez, Vasilica-Maria Margalina, Eliza Vayas-Ruiz 29-46
Transmedia Context and Twitter As Conditioning the Ecuadorian Government’s Action. The Case of the “Guayaquil Emergency” During the COVID-19 Pandemic PDF
Arturo Luque, Francesco Maniglio, Fernando Casado, Jorge García-Guerrero 47-68
Reproduction of Communicative Negativity Through Instrumental Irrationality PDF
Ugur Baloglu 69-86
Digital Subscription Systems in the Face of COVID-19 Crisis: The Case of ‘El Mundo’ PDF
Enrique Canovaca de la Fuente 87-102
COVID-19 Media Coverage on Spanish Public TV PDF
Eduardo Villena-Alarcón, Lidia Caballero-Galeote 103-126
The Imaginary of an Invisible Enemy: The SARS-CoV-2 Virion on the Spanish TV News PDF
Isidro Jiménez-Gómez, Jaime López-Díez, Gema Bonales-Daimiel 127-144
Communicating COVID-19: Metaphors We “Survive” By PDF
Damián Fernández-Pedemonte, Felicitas Casillo, Ana Inés Jorge-Artigau 145-160
The TV-Production Shift During the COVID-19 Health Crisis: How TV Language Changed As a State of Alarm Was Enforced in Spain PDF
Belén Andueza-López, María López-Plaza 161-172

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